Koji Higashi

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Bitcoin, Japan and beyond 

Koji Higashi is a product manager, content creator, marketer, and angel investor in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry since 2014.

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He has developed one of the world’s first mobile token wallets with decentralized exchange (DEX) and spearheaded innovative use cases of tokenized game assets and digital collectibles on blockchain. Currently, his passion lies with Lightning Network and helping build important infrastructure and applications on Bitcoin’s second layer.

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He is also a well-known writer and content creator and is a host of the longest-running and most trusted Bitcoin YouTube channel in Japan.

His experience and contributions go beyond the Japanese market. He has worked with top projects globally for marketing and business strategies as well as product development.

If you are interested in building new innovative products and use cases around Bitcoin, expanding your service to the Japanese market, obtaining angel funding, or looking for business connections, contact Koji from the contact page. 

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