Koji Higashi

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Bitcoin, Japan and beyond 

Koji Higashi is an entrepreneur, a product manager, and a researcher focused on Bitcoin technology and adoption since 2014. He’s widely known as one of the key contributors in the Bitcoin ecosystem in Japan and beyond.

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He has long and unique experience in product management and project development in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Some of his past and current contributions in include;

-Development of the world’s first mobile token wallet with the decentralized exchange(DEX) on the Bitcoin blockchain in 2015 through 2017. 

-One of the early innovators of the digital asset collectibles on blockchain, widely known as “NFTs” now. Tokens and digital assets minted early days are now considered “Historical NFTs”.

-Responsible for bootstrapping an active Lightning community in Japan since 2018. Diamond Hands is now the largest Lightning community in Japan and playing a significant role in pushing Lightning adoption and development globally.

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He is also a well-known writer and content creator and is a host of the longest-running and most trusted Bitcoin YouTube channel in Japan, having strong influence on key players and dialogues in the industry.

I believe Bitcoin is one of the most important tools to fix many societal issues, foster innovations and strengthen personal freedom. I focus on Bitcoin and related technologies specifically to make the most of my ability to help achieve its potential.

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