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My vision and motivation

Right around the Mt. Gox fiasco of 2014 in Tokyo, I heard about Bitcoin for the first time. Bitcoin was depicted merely as a scammy and dangerous speculative asset in the mainstream media. But the idea of a decentralized currency that doesn’t belong to any governments or corporations caught my attention.

Although initially very skeptical, I soon realized Bitcoin’s immense potential for personal freedom and innovation, and its potential to solve many societal problems. I quickly started focusing on Bitcoin full-time and have been an active participant in the industry ever since.

Fast forward several years, although narratives surrounding crypto and the blockchain industry have shifted, I still maintain my original vision for personal freedom and innovative disruptions.

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Education :
University of California, Berkeley (Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Policy)

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Work experience :
See my Linkedin page for detailed word experience.



What are your favorite projects?

Some of the recent projects that I like and find interesting or useful are: Fold’s Bitcoin cashback debit card, Casa’s simple and user-friendly multisig security solution, Bitcoiner Ventures for giving individuals access to quality projects and Umbrel for an easy full node onboarding experience.

Are you a Bitcoin maximalist?

Perhaps. However, I try not to reject ideas just because they’re not centered around Bitcoin. With that being said, there are too many dishonest claims, and too much noise and misinformation in the space in general, so I try to focus on what matters the most: Bitcoin.

Would you help with my project?

I choose to only work with projects and companies whose visions and values align with my own. I prioritize Bitcoin and Lightning Network related projects, but I am happy to talk about non-Bitcoin related projects as well, given that they have a great team or product, and have the right intention.

Favorite food?

Ramen. Sushi is overated. I also love Vietnamese food.

Favorite places?

Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Berlin, Cupertino, Berkeley, Fukuoka, Hong Kong… Lots more places I want to visit but hey, Covid.

What do you do for fun?

I like basketball, cycling and chilling at a cozy cafe.

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