Bitcoin Dungeon (2014-2018)

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One of the first blogs to focus on Bitcoin technology and industry in Japan. It is also one of the first blogs to experiment with issuance of an original creator token and distribute it to early readers to expand its reach. My early experiment and use cases of a token has also been featured on Coindesk as well.


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Co-founded IndieSquare and developed the world’s first mobile token wallet with decentralized exchange feature built in. I was responsible for product management and business relation.

Book of Orbs(2016-2017)

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As a project lead, I have lead the development of mobile token wallet optimized for digital collectibles on the Counterparty protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. Even though the project faded out due to increased fees and development shifting to the Ethereum community during the blocksize war, this can be considered a precursor to NFT(non-fungible tokens) and many other relevant services, which had become more mature later days.


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Helped found HashHub, blockchain studio at the time based in Tokyo. I was responsible for organizing one of the first and largest community-led crypto conferences in Japan in 2018.

Community work

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I have been an organizer of Tsukuba Bitcoin meetup in my hometown since 2014. Although very small, it is now the oldest active Bitcoin meetup group in Japan. I was also an assistant organizer for Tokyo Bitcoin meetup before it imploded as a result of the blocksize debate and differing opinions in the community. Aside from that, I helped found “Cypherpunk Taiwan”, a community group that focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related technology in Taiwan.

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